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If you have the Oregon Health Plan or are a student intern, please go to this site:

I am currently closed to new clients until further notice and do not have a waitlist.  

I am open to supervisees and student interns.

Why We're Here

Therapy Services

Bravo Counseling is here to assist those needing help with being able to navigate life's ups and downs or work on things that have happened previously and are causing problems in the present.  I provide counseling to all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.  I believe everyone has the right to quality therapy.  

As we navigate life it is important to have support to receive feedback that is both compassionate and constructive.  Often we look to those in our immediate surroundings and this can work for most situations, however, looking at therapy as a place where there is a person who is able to look at the situation through a non-bias lens is often beneficial.  

In my office you will find we look at the whole picture and see what path is right for you as an individual or family.  During therapy you will find there is no judgement, empowerment, compassion, and an open mind and ear.  

Clinical Supervision

Bravo Counseling also offers supervision for those in the masters program, seeking licensure, and anyone else who needs assistance in their practice.  

Communication is critical in any business or supportive role, and I pride myself on creating a safe and open relationship to enable those I am supervising the opportunity to come to me freely with any question, comment, or concern, as anything that would interfere or help in the ability to learn is all important and should be addressed.   

As the supervisor I will serve as a teacher, consultant, and evaluator in order to enable growth in all areas of a much-needed field. We will work on counseling skills in all fields and with various populations, different theories and processes, ethics, trauma-informed care, diversity, running practices efficiently and effectively, and state and federal policies and procedures. As a counselor I hope all graduate students will feel confident in themselves, working through situations with clients and other professionals in the field, as well as holding themselves accountable, and be able to ask for help when needed. 

Overall, I look forward to assisting the next group of clinicians to be empowered, remarkable clinicians, and approach their position with confidence, empathy, and self-awareness.

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